Longhorn Offense Physical and Punishing!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 7, 2018

When a new coaching staff takes over at any football program, one of the common things you hear is that they are going to work to change the culture of that program. There is a lot of merit to this in many cases, but at some point when the ball is snapped in the fall it is a combination of culture and execution that is needed for a program or organization to turn the corner.

Yesterday as the University of Texas beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Classic, you could see these two very things happening right on the television screen. There is no question that there has been a different look in the UT players’ eyes this season, but what was apparent yesterday, was that the blocking in the run game has begun to come to roost as the Texas players become more physical and buy into their system.

The University of Texas football team was extremely physical in the run game and if you looked at the scheme, you were not going to be overwhelmed by the X’s and O’s, but instead by how the Longhorn linemen were creating movement by running very common zone run schemes over and over until they wore down the Oklahoma front seven.

It made us here at FirstDown PlayBook think back to this spring when we did some work for the folks over at X&O Labs. We are sure that many of you saw the article and soaked up the information that was included. We just want to take this morning to remind you that this past spring we also loaded up the University of  Texas tight end run game plays in to the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity “View By Tag” area. Many of these same football plays showed up on the field yesterday and have all season long.

So, just be aware that FirstDown PlayBook members have access to all of this great Texas Tight End run game and also some the protections and the pass game! Check out this short video so you will know how to quickly and easily access the play drawings. Enjoy!


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