Man Coverage And Then Some

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 4, 2020

By Will Cinelli, The Scouting Academy

Each Thursday here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website we will feature a breakdown of personnel and technique. This is provided by our friends over at The Scouting Academy who are our go to experts in this field!

Having the ability to trust a CB in Man coverage to own #1 wherever he goes is a luxury we don’t often find. To find a CB who can make plays while in Man coverage often feels like a whole different level.

This week we look at Miami Dolphins CB Xavien Howard. Aligned in Press, he patiently waits for the WR to show his hand with the inside speed release and mirrors him from outside leverage.

Then Howard takes it to the next level, using the ability to make contact within the first 5 yards to get his hands on the WR and then showing the strength to start to stand the WR upright, slowing down his release.

While in contact, Howard gets his eyes on the QB and despite his position, the QB delivers what should be a completion to a WR on a Slant vs an outside leveraged CB.

But Howard’s ability to get under the WR and lift/slow him gives him the chance to undercut the route, putting him in position to put his hands on the ball and to disrupt what should have been an easy completion on 3rd down.

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