Manage PlayBooks Area Makes Practice Cards Simple

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 12, 2020

FirstDown PlayBook has made managing your playbook section very simple. There are a lot of ways you coaches use this area but we know that getting your practice cards together is one of the main ways.

We talked to a lot of you this past week as we were doing follow up with our coaches who are fortunate enough to be playing this fall. One of the things we realized is that many of you are not using the “Manage PlayBooks” area enough.

Most of you seem to be all over the new PlayGrid section (see above) that allows you to put your 2/4/6 Box diagrams in order. That’s a good thing but don’t fall asleep on all the thongs you can do in the Manage Playbooks area!

Coaches, trust us, this area is going to shave hours off of your practice prep and help make you a better coach once you get on the field. This short video takes just one example (Practice Cards) to show you just how valuable the Manage PlayBooks section can be to you.

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