Maryland vs Ohio State Two Point Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2018

The two point play that Maryland dialed up against Ohio State yesterday fell incomplete in overtime, and yes, it was once again a sprint out pick pass.  We have written about this before, here on several occasions, but today we just want to dissect this one play as it had some interesting elements.

It is a pretty good example of maybe giving your quarterback too many options, but hey at the end of the day there was an open (a wide open) receiver standing in the end zone. The Maryland quarterback was off the mark and today the Maryland coaches are watching the tape and taking about whether the receiver should have worked back outside or the quarterback should have seen the receiver sitting down in an open zone.

The reason we are focusing on this is because we are working heavily in the sprint pass section as we finish up putting color on all of the FirstDown PlayBook plays. We saw this and we will certainly add it to the sprint pass section as well as the play action pass section. Heck, it could actually go into the run section, just ask the right tackle from Maryland…

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