Massillon Shallow Cross & Drive Concepts

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 5, 2019

USA Football’s Keith Grabowski does about as good of a job as anyone out there of staying up with the newest coaching trends at the high school level and above.

In addition to that Keith is constantly connecting us to leaders and innovators in our game through his Coach & Coordinator podcast as well as through his blog posts on USA Football and on Twitter at @FBDevCoach.

Today we want to bring you one more example of Keith’s great work as he has tapped into the mind of Jarrett Troxler from Massillon Washington High School. Here’s more about Jarrett and his fantastic article on the Drive and Shallow Cross concepts.

Jarrett Troxler is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Massillon Washington in Massillon, Ohio. Coach Troxler has been coaching high school football for 18 years. This year marked coach’s third year at Massillon Washington. Prior, he was a head coach and offensive coordinator in the state of Georgia for 10 years. Troxler started out coaching on the defensive side of the ball before transitioning to the offensive side of the ball.

Massillon Drive Concept

  • Full field concept
  • We take the Drive concept into every game
  • It is great vs. zone or man coverages
  • The keys to being successful at Drive:
    1. Teach it!
    2. Drill/Rep it!
    3. Call it!


Teach it!

We teach the concept first and that usually takes place during the spring or summer. It is really important you go through everything on the whiteboard with the kids. You show them film of it and then you install it.

  1. Install it on the whiteboard
  2. Show film of the concept
  3. Install – we will put together installs for the players on Hudl with film noted up

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