Max Pro Vs The Bills? Get Ready For Some Green Dog Action!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 28, 2020

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we try to spread the attention around a little when it comes to offense, defense and special teams. This is true for our All 22 Tuesday feature as well.

Sean McDermott has done a fantastic job at Buffalo as the head coach. He has also put his signature on the defensive side of the ball as a unit that absolutely will not let the opposing quarterback get comfortable.

Sometimes in the NFL an offensive coordinator will attempt to max protect so their young quarterback can take a shot down the field. Giving up the extra receivers is worth it if it buys time for the quarterback.

McDermott’s defenses normally will have none of it. They are as good at “green dog” pressure as we have seen. If your backs or tight ends block you can bet there will be another rusher heading to your quarterback.

This short video shows how quickly the Bills get green dog defenders to the quarterback. It also shows that pass rush lanes are not just for defensive linemen..

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