Mike Linebacker Walling #3? Here’s One For You.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 1, 2020

Looking for a place to take a shot down the field? Want to have the best of both worlds with a 7 man protection possibility in the mix? This play could be 7 man protection with the backs scanning for the safeties in case of pressure. However, it also could allow you to get one or both backs out into a route.

If you run H Angle (Texas) then this play is even better as the Mike LB is probably sitting inside waiting to wall the H on the Angle route. Give your QB a nice simple Y to H read with the idea that the ball gets in the hands of your H in this picture.

Also if a quarters safety bites on the Y then he can take the shot to the Z who must get inside of the Corner to that side. The Y can do a lot to grab that Safety just by staring at him as he gets to the top of his route ready to break to the sideline.

FirstDown PlayBook Invert Coverage Explained

The offensive line protects the four down lineman to the MLB and SLB. The Y or the H can provide you with a convenient hot throw if both of these two LB’s pressure from the strong side. Vs a WLB and F/S blitz the X can sight adjust with a Dart route.