Mike Singletary On Coach Teaff & Coach Ryan

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 21, 2020

Recently a good sized group of FirstDown PlayBook coaches were treated to a question and answer session with Hall of Famer Mike Singletary. Coach Singletary has been one of the pillars in the game of football through out his playing and coaching career.

It was a very entertaining and enlightening 30-40 minutes as Coach answered a variety of questions. One of the questions jumped out at us as a football coach. It was about two key figures in his early days who mentored him as a young player.

Of course, Coach Singletary played for (at least) two legendary coaches who closely mentored him. One being legendary Baylor Head Coach Grant Teaff and the other was Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator back in the 80’s Buddy Ryan.

Here is what was interesting to us. Listen to Coach Singletary answer this question and you will understand how important coaches can be in a young man’s life, regardless of how different they are. There is a message here to all of us coaches. You can be yourself, just make sure the player understands you care about him at the end of the day.

Watch this short video to see what we mean…

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