Mike Singletary On Time & Quality

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 9, 2021

There are a lot of ways to describe what makes FirstDown PlayBook different from other coaching tools out there. However, we have always maintained that, at our core FirstDown PlayBook is about saving a coach time. Also when you take a deeper look at how we save a coach time you find it is closely wrapped up in the quality of FirstDown PlayBook.

When you look around these days, two things that you find a huge shortage of are time and quality. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done in a day. Then when we look for tools to help us achieve our daily goals and this is when we often find the lack of quality.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we like to say “We don’t sell you FirstDown PlayBook. We show you.” The difference in quality is obvious when you take a look.

We sat down with Hall of Famer Mike Singletary recently to get his thoughts on the challenges high school and college football coaches face in today’s world. He brings an interesting perspective to the table. Singletary is obviously one of the best football players to ever put on pads.

Why FirstDown PlayBook?

Singletary has also seen his share of football from the sideline as a coach. He has coached as a San Francisco 49er, a Minnesota Viking and a Los Angeles Ram. He has also been a head high school football coach and experienced the same challenges that many of you face.

We point blank asked Singletary what makes FirstDown PlayBook different from everything else out there? We also asked why a high school or college head coach should invest $700 in FirstDown PlayBook? As is usual with Mike Singletary, he was direct and spot on. He went right to the two words of the day, time and quality.

Watch this short one minute video as Mike Singletary fields the question of “Why should a high school or college coach invest in FirstDown PlayBook?”

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