Monday Morning QB Asks: How Would You Read This Pass Play?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 2, 2020

Assuming that all of the players on your offense are of similar talent level, how would you read this 3×1 drop back pass? Would you read it differently vs a closed middle of the field as opposed to one that is open?

What about man vs zone? does that affect where you want the quarterback’s eyes to go? For your sake we will let you know that the broken lined routes are man coverage adjustments. (ie the Z is adjusting to a “Go” route vs man coverage.)

So take a look at it and check back with us on Wednesday. We will give you the FirstDown PlayBook coaching points at that time! if you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach you can tap on the play and we will take you there right now!




Not all pass plays are “Home Run” plays. In fact more often than not a pass play tis called up by the offensive coordinator who understands that a first down is the goal.

This simple shallow cross concept is one of those plays. A lot of 3×1 pass plays will have a man or match up beater with the X as an alert. This play is an exception to that.

On this play we want to read the simple triangle underneath vs man or zone. Now it is important for the X and the Y to understand if they are getting man or zone coverage. if the quarterback and receivers are on the same page about this then this is hard to stop.

Finally, we do like the Z as a quarters beater. If the Tight End sees quarters then he should outside release and run directly a the quarters safety. He should grab the safety with his eyes. the quarterback will just throw off of the safety to the Z or the Y.