Monday Morning QB Has A Kickoff Return Question

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 20, 2020

You are in charge of your Kickoff Return team and you understand the challenges involved with coaching this unit. First and foremost is that you do not get near enough practice time.

Wisely, you have decided to major in one return and get good at it. You are running a very basic middle return that has very simple blocking assignments.

This return also dictates that you returner not dance or run east west. The best place and most productive direction to run is straight up the middle of the field.

You have had a lot of success with the return but as you get to game four or five, the kickoff cover teams are squeezing the field on you. There is a lot of traffic inside of the numbers and especially inside of the hash marks.

Our question this morning is how can you install an effective counter to this? Remember, you want to keep it simple and change as few assignments as possible. As some of you know, this is a common theme on our Monday Morning QB segments!

So let us know. What kickoff return would you install to give your unit a little breathing room? Check back on Wednesday or Thursday and we will let you know how we would adjust.

In case you have not noticed almost every one of our answers to your Monday Morning Quarterback challenges have been about keeping it simple. There are almost always multiple ways to solve any problem in football.

The best way, though, is always the most simple way. The way that requires very little assignment adjustments. That is why we love this adjustment so much. If you look at the original return and then the adjustment, you will see very little change in the assignments.

This allows a coach to focus on the technique because if it is executed perfectly and called at the right time this can be a huge play. It will also make your original middle return much better when you run it again.

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