Morningside’s Jurgensmeir Runs Perfect 2 Special Route

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 27, 2021

If we ever get back into coaching (and we are not) and we are fortunate enough to get a job coaching on defense in the NAIA, this much we know. We are going to be looking for a shot play anytime an offense comes off of the sideline.

As many of you know we have been drawing these plays up from the 2021 NAIA spring season. It seems that about half of them have come from shot plays after a timeout or the first play of an offensive series.

Today’s play comes from the Morningside vs Baker game this past Saturday. Morningside is winning 31-21 in the fourth quarter. Morningside takes possession on their own 32 yard line. The play call by Steve Ryan and his offensive staff is impressive as they stay aggressive.

However, what jumps out to us is the beautiful 2 Special route that #81 Reid Jurgensmeir runs. When coaching this route it is always important to get a little lost in the mix. As the two receivers to the field clear the quarters coverage, Jurgensmeir does just that.

As he begins to cross the field on his route, notice that he runs directly at the Mike linebacker. Trust us when we say that he was coached to do that. As he nears the Mike LB, he slips behind him, not in front of him. The Mike thinks he has continued vertically down the field.

Now that the safeties are deep covering the post routes and the Sam LB or Nickel has buzzed to the flat, Jurgensmeir is wide open as he flattens his route. After he makes the catch he also makes a couple Baker defenders miss.

I will promise you that Morningside will use this clip to coach off of after the season.

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