Most Announcers Would Make Bad Coaches

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 30, 2021

Just watched the North Carolina vs South Carolina bowl game. A couple of young announcers were commenting on analytics. I won’t name them because they are not unique to this topic. It just reinforced to me how bad most announcers are about football knowledge. Yes, trust me, announcers make bad coaches.

One of them, who I promise has never coached a day in his life, says something like “I never thought I would have to explain that aggressive football is exciting football.” He was referring to why coaches going for it on fourth down is a good thing.

Maybe. Here is what I will promise you. It is not always “smart” football. There is a lot of unneeded pressure on head coaches these days to play dumb football. This is especially true when making fourth down decisions. It is an exciting moment for the fans that is often forgotten at the end of the game when their team loses by 2 points. We have seen more games lost this year by not kicking the ball than ever before.

There is so much power in being a Nick Saban or Bill Belichick. You can smirk or openly deflate some announcer or reporter who dares try to be a coach. That is harder if you are a coach in the process of proving yourself. Andy announcer says you should have gone for it on fourth down. Now twitter nation jumps on the bandwagon and thinks they can coach too. Blind leads the blind.

If You Let Announcers Coach Your Team There Is A Good Chance You Will Be One Of them Soon

As I am typing this, a wet behind the ears announcer is suggesting that Tennessee should go for it on 4th & 1 from their own 35 yard line… in the first quarter… But I digress. I will leave you with that because I know most of you who read this are coaches and know better. Our parting words of advice are this…

If you are going to let the fans or the announcers coach your team, be very ready to join them next year because your coaching days are numbered.