“My Templates” Let You Draw Practice Cards Your Way

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 8, 2022

Every football coach thinks they draw the best practice cards. Or if you are an older coach, you don’t think the young coaches draw them as well as you used to. We understood these things when we were developing your new “My Templates” area on FirstDown PlayBook.

One of the best things about “My Templates” is how much flexibility every coach has when they draw plays, playbooks, practice cards, or you name it. You see, every coach on your staff can have their own individual “My Templates” area. In the video below you will see just how handy that will be come this fall.

That is also the reason we are making such a big deal about this in March. We are working with ball coaches from across the country every day who are getting their templates set up now. They understand just how much time this is going to save them in September.

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This means better teaching on and off the field with installations. It also means getting their meetings prepared in time so they can actually see their kids before they go to bed. So as you are going to see on this short video, the tools are all yours. Just start organizing your templates the way you want. You will be glad you did this fall.