New Features On FirstDown PlayBook!
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 26, 2015

fdpb-wide_400x100FirstDown PlayBook has been busy. Oh yes, we have been cranking out football plays and content but we always do that. We have also been hard at work making sure you can keep up with what plays we are releasing.

FirstDown PlayBook members will now notice a completely new design when you visit the website. This new design allows you find what you want a lot quicker and easier than before. It also allows you to have your “Favorites” and your personal “PlayBooks” right there in front of you when you visit the FirstDown PlayBook website.

top half

The other thing that you will notice is that we have added a “Latest Updates” section. What’s this? Well, as we release new plays and features we want to make sure you know about it. Often times in the past we would release plays and unless you read about it on our blog posts then you might not realize it. Now all you will need to do is visit this section to see what we have released since the last time you were on the website!

What's Up?

So as you can see in the second pic, last week we released our 4-3 Defense vs Bunch formation and our new Mental Prep Coach Anthony Lanzillo. We are putting the finishing touches on defending Empty backfield formations with the 4-3 also so keep your eyes open for that as well as some other things in the next week!

Before we sign off here and get back to work drawing you more football plays let us remind those of you who may be reading about FirstDown PlayBook for the first time that we allow you to try it out for free. Yes, that’s right. When you join the FirstDown PlayBook your first month is free. This way you get to experience a full month of FirstDown PlayBook before even a single penny comes out of your pocket.

So what are you waiting for? June and July are on us and we all know what that means…summer practice is not far behind!

Get started with FirstDown PlayBook here or by banging on any of the pics above!

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