New & Improved Field Backgrounds
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 21, 2019


When you open up your FirstDown PlayBook this morning you are going to immediately notice the new field backgrounds. They are darker than they were last week. Why so? Well, because you asked for it.

We had several coaches mention that the players were having some trouble seeing the field lines, hashmarks and numbers on the play drawings. We understand that this is critical as you take the cards to the field. Often times the coaching points are based on field landmarks for your team and your scout team.

That’s not the only improvement we have made to your FirstDown PlayBook. You will also notice that you have an option to choose a Varsity (High School) field, a college field or even an NFL field. This short video will take you on a quick tour of these new features that are sure to make this week’s coaching a lot better.


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