New Play Installs Now Easier To Find

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 27, 2021

One of the biggest challenges we have here at FirstDown PlayBook is making sure you know where the new installs are located. After all when you install new office plays, defenses and special teams schemes as frequently as we do, it can be difficult to keep track right?

We have come up with a pretty simple solution for our FirstDown PlayBook coaches. Now when you go to the Coaching Tools section you will see a “New Plays/Installs” selection. When we add new play content for you will tag it a a new play install.

We will leave that tag on for a month or so. This way you can always be on top of what we are installing for you. It might be new passing game installs for you 7on7 coaches. You may also find the new adult flag football plays that will be a big deal this spring. You spread option coaches will now be able to get right to your “stuff’ easier too.

In case you are one of the three or four people who do not know what we are talking about check this out. FirstDown PlayBook gives you chance to try it our for free. Yes, it is Christmas season and there is a lot of selling going on. FirstDown PlayBook doesn’t lie to sell you. We like to show you…for free.