New Swinging Gate Ideas
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 26, 2017

The Swinging Gate formation can be very effective for an extra point and field goal team, if for no other reason than it eats up your opponent’s practice time preparing for it. Just accounting for the eligibles is an exercise in discipline on the part of the defense.

Also this play often occurs when there are emotional swings on the part of both sides of the ball. If the play occurs after a touchdown, you are normally running it against a dejected and angry defense who could be caught thinking about what just happened instead of what is about to happen on the extra point attempt. If the play occurs as a field goal attempt the defense may be busy celebrating the defensive stop instead of staying alert for any fake or deception that has been designed by the field goal unit.

It’s for these reasons and others that the Swinging Gate formation and all that can go with it are a staple in some special teams coaches playbooks. FirstDown PlayBook has a little help in this area for you but this weekend we are going to expand that some as we install some alternative Swinging Gate formations and plays that can be run off of these formations!


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