No One Wants To Practice This Play
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 10, 2017

No one wants to practice this play, not even the coach. Yet when you watch football every year, you see games won and lost on this very play. What play are we talking about and why is this the case?

The point after attempt and field-goal unit can be a hard group to coach and it is almost guaranteed that at some point during the season they will take the field in a “do or die” situation where a field goal or extra point will make the difference in the game. However, odds are that this unit will have only seen live contact one or two times in practice and in the previous games

The reasoning is obvious. No one wants to run their players into one another at full speed on a play like this any more than they have to. So what’s the solution? The ability of the extra point and field-goal coach to communicate the technique needed to be sound versus a full speed rush is critical.

Today we talk about this special teams unit and the FirstDown PlayBook point after attempt and field goal section. This section will help you as the special teams coach keep this unit ready for the point in the game when it matters most.

Take a look at our video for today to learn more!


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