No Way To Thank Her Enough
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 10, 2015



None of us got here by ourselves. I don’t care how much of a self starter you are, what odds you overcame or how different your story is, someone helped you get started. For a lot of us that person was our Mom.

The Mom thing can be a complicated one for folks. You see, there is no way to know how much she has done for you. You were just too young to remember some of it. The parts that you do remember are just that…parts. What you probably remember are the high and maybe low points (Still have scars over breaking that window with the orange).

For your Mom she remembers a lot more because she was and still is your Mom 24/7/365. Moms don’t get a day off. It’s hard for us to envision our Moms as young girls who often were still learning about who they were while at the same time tackling this new assignment called Motherhood. It’s often not until someone becomes a parent themselves that the lightbulb goes off in their head about the Mom thing.


The Sports Mom thing is unique in itself .  There is not a lot that is innate about turning your child over to a group of coaches who you hope have your kid’s best interest in mind. I’ve been the coach who has looked into the eyes of a Mom as she is about to trust you with her son or daughter. The look is almost always the same. The look says “You do get it, right? This is my child.”

Of course the leap of faith with allowing their child to participate in sports is just one part of it. That 24/7 part I mentioned earlier is never more apparent than when a Sports Mom starts looking at the weekly schedule and coordinating how to get who to which practice on time. The magic some Moms pull off out there would put a personal assistant to shame.

So today is her day. If you’re lucky enough to still have your Mom make sure she understands. “Understands what?”  you ask. Make sure she understands that there is no way you can ever know just how much she has done for you much less thank her enough. She will understand what you mean because after all…she’s your Mom.

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