North Dakota State A Gap Power

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 10, 2019

USA Football’s Noah Riley posted this blog on the USA Football website this past winter. It details one of the most dominant college football programs ever. As we begin the 2019 football season you can bet the defenses on their schedule are working their tails off to fit up this A gap Power!

In the past decade, North Dakota State has become a dynasty. They’ve consistently dominated the FCS conference, winning six of the last seven FCS titles since 2011. Throughout this dynasty, the Bison have created a clear offensive identity. They are a smash-mouth, physical football team. Their bread-and-butter play that they use to pound defenses into submission is their A-gap power play.

With their base power play, the Bison intend to run the ball in the A gap, which is the back’s aiming point. The playside lineman are responsible for their backside gaps and the backside guard skip-pulls and leads into the A-gap to kick out the linebacker.

The back’s progression goes from the front side to backside A-gap. He reads the playside double team, and if his read takes him inside the double team, he then takes the frontside A gap unless the nose comes over the top, in which case he would take it to the backside A gap. He is not supposed to bounce it outside.

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