Olivet Nazarene Designs Perfect Punt Return

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 16, 2021

This week’s All 22 Tuesday is dear to our hearts here at FirstDown PlayBook. We have a long history around here with special teams. When we see it done well, we get pumped. The Olivet Nazarene staff designed a beautiful punt return for today’s All 22 Tuesday.

Saint Francis had Olivet Nazarene on the ropes this past Saturday. Hats off to them for a well played game. However, with 2:25 left in the game and with a 27-24 lead SFU was forced to punt on 4th & 14.

Olivet Nazarene put #14 Jalen Dunnigan deep for the return. The coaches at ONU did a masterful job setting this up. What you will see in the play diagram below is that the punt return was definitely set up to come to the field.

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The right side of the ONU return #30, #9 and #34 all rushed hard inside collapsing the USF field side coverage. #27 Lance Walker baited the USF contain player inside before sneaking outside for the perimeter block that sprung the return.

Of course, Dunnigan did the rest once he got to the edge. It never happens though without the well designed punt return. They were very smart about who to block and maybe even more importantly, who not to block.

Tap On The Drawing & Go To 3:21 To Watch The Olivet Nazarene Punt Return!