ONU Two Level RPO Highlighted On All 22 Tuesday!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 6, 2021

The NAIA Olivet Nazarene Tigers have it rolling. There is no doubt about that. When you get on one of those kind of rolls like they are on right now everything seems to work just as you draw it up.

The first play of the second half against Saint Xavier this past Saturday is our case in point. This play could and probably should be used for the next run pass option clinic that pops up this spring.

This is a great version of a two level RPO. There may be different terminology for it but to keep it simple the quarterback appears to be reading two things on this play.

There is a run read on the first level where he decides to give to the back or keep the ball. The ONU offensive line is track blocking to the five defenders in the box and the quarterback is reading #30 from Saint X.

#30 crashes inside and makes it plain to the quarterback to keep the ball and proceed to the next level read key. That just happens to be the defender wearing the same number as he is.

Tap On The Play Below To See The Video!

#4 on the Saint X defense is in a bad spot. He has to take the quarterback on the option. This makes it obvious to the quarterback to dish the ball off to the bubble screen runner #8.

Now it’s not like Saint Xavier doesn’t have an answer but their alley player is a quarters safety coming from 10-12 yards deep. He has to take a great angle and negotiate all of the traffic to make a play in open space. It doesn’t happen.

So congratulations to the 8-0 Olivet Nazarene Tigers football team and their coaching staff on a very well coached and played spring season.

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