Organizing The Unbalanced Run Game
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 1, 2018

When it comes to organizing offensive formations and defensive fronts for the entire world it can get a little dicey. Now before you think our egos are going unchecked over here at FirstDown PlayBook let us explain.  One of the big challenges with FirstDown PlayBook is to organize it so that regardless of where you coach football it’s easy to find and lately that has been our challenge with the unbalanced run game installation.

There are so many ways to go unbalanced on offense. You can bring an extra tackle in the game and line up with a six or seven man surface on the offensive line. You can also just flip your weak tackle and tight end while bringing over a receiver to the tackle side to make the tight end eligible. This is just the tip of the iceberg so we won’t wear you out with all of the ways to get in unbalanced.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you have at least seven on the line of scrimmage and understand who is eligible and who is not. Practically speaking, almost any run scheme that can be run out of a traditional formation can be run out of an unbalanced set as well.

FirstDown PlayBook has spent the last several weeks studying these “oddball” formations at the NFL, college and high school levels. Two things that jump out at us is:

  1. The traditional runs seem to still be the favorites. ie Power, Sweep, etc.
  2. The coaches who execute unbalanced runs the best do it for a reason.

What we mean by number two is that other than the obvious challenge it gives a defense to just get lined up and properly adjusted to an unbalanced formation, it appears that coaches who do this the best are the ones who KNOW how their opponent is going to adjust and then take advantage of it.

So before we get way to wordy let’s wrap this up but you probably want to take a look at the video today where we explain how to find the new FirstDown PlayBook unbalanced run game section and show how we block each one up against multiple fronts. Enjoy!

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