Ottawa Women’s Flag Football 2 Deep Disguise

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 12, 2021

The score of the NAIA Women’s Flag Football National Championship showed one more way that flag football is more like tackle football than different. The final score of the game was 7-6.

Both teams, Ottawa University and Keiser University did an impressive job on defense. Keep in mind that both teams had been offensive juggernauts coming into the championship on Saturday.

To attempt to define how the defenses go this done by showing you one scheme would be misguided. However, there was one very simple 2 deep disguise that Liz Sowers and her staff used that we want to look at.

The lined up in a 2 deep looking shell with four of their players. They had two pressed corners and two deep safeties. They then formed a diamond with their other three players and the Keiser center.

They held this disguise until the snap. On the snap they rushed a defender to one side and pushed the point player to the side of the rush. The third defender buzzed under the slot receiver to the other side.

This proved to be an effective way of playing cover 2 defense and even a cover 4 defense if you wanted to buzz that point player thru the curl to the flat. Take a look here.

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