Over 57 Different Defensive Pressures At Your Fingertips

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 18, 2020

We mentioned this to you several days ago and now we have the first part of it ready. We have over 57 different defensive pressures in our Varsity Defense area. We have been working on ways to get you to them faster.

The first way that we are doing this is by allowing you to find the pressure you are looking for by position. In other words, if you are in a four man front defense you can find pressures organized by which linebacker(s) is coming. Sam, Mike and Will linebacker pressures can easily be sorted.

If you are a three man front then the pressures are organized by Sam, Mike Jack and Will linebacker. This video will explain it with more detail but before you do that, we have a question.

Do you have other ways we can organize out play content in FirstDown PlayBook that would help you? We would love to hear about them. After all this is your playbook. we want to make it as coach friendly as we can..

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