Packers Didn’t Just “Fall Into” This…
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 14, 2019

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we made a big time conscious effort to focus more on defense for our All 22 Tuesday feature this past week. We drew up the play you are seeing below as it was a game clincher for the Packers over the Bears last Thursday.

There is a lot going on here and USA Football’s Zach Dunn does a very good job of tying it into the history of Packer’s Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine. Too often we see or read about how one player (Trubisky in this case) gets crushed by the press for a bad play or decision.

For those who take the time to study the game, there is almost always a lot more involved than one player screwing up. This play is a good example. To read and see video clips of a detailed breakdown by Zach Dunn tap on the play below and get ready to see how “All 22” means exactly that.

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