PAT & FG Protection Monday Night 9:00 ET
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 15, 2020

Don’t fall asleep on this one. We have had great attendance for all of our special teams webinars and the next two weeks might be the most important ones yet.

Tonight we will cover the point after attempt and field goal unit. If you have coached very long at all you have won or lost a game on this one. If you haven’t, just get ready, it’s coming.

This play requires a lot of discipline, especially when you play a team that gives great effort on defense. To complicate things even more, you really cannot practice this play live very much.

We will touch on all of these things tonight so be sure to set your phone alarm so you won’t miss it or that all important field goal that gets you in the playoffs. There is still time to register. Tap on the play drawing to join us tonight.


  • Alignment & Assignment
    • Vs Looks (Balanced & Overloads)
  • Cover Down
  • Technique
    • Snapper
    • Guards
    • Tackles
    • Tight Ends
    • Wings
    • Holder
    • Kicker
  • Situations
  • Fakes
  • Video

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