Path To A FDPB Program Membership
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 8, 2019

We have created a clear and easy path for you and your entire football staff to get on a one week FirstDown PlayBook free trial. Here’s the bottom line. Firstdown PlayBook is an extremely comprehensive coaching tool.

Because of this there is a degree of training that goes into understanding how to get the most out of it for your entire football program. This training is also instrumental in helping you realize that it is a valuable tool to purchase for 2020.

FirstDown PlayBook is now offering training webinars on Monday through Thursday nights. These webinars are hosted by Charlie Coiner, the owner of FirstDown PlayBook and a thirty year football coach himself.

At the end of these webinars all participants are awarded a one week free trial on FirstDown PlayBook. This way once a coach attends the webinar he can actually use the FirstDown PlayBook during the free week as opposed to figuring out how to use FirstDown PlayBook.

One last thing before you watch this helpful video. There may also be current FirstDown PlayBook coaches out there who are looking for ways to get more from your website in 2020. This is for you too!