Philly Should Have Counted To Three

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 3, 2019

So many times in football it’s the little things that jump up and bite us squarely in the rear if we don’t attend to them. There was a lot made of the fake field goal that Miami pulled off against the Eagles this past weekend. This play probably fits into that category for Philadelphia.

Essentially Miami went back to their high school playbook on fourth down as they took the field for a supposed field goal. Instead they lined up in a formation where they spread across the entire football field.

In the very middle of the field remained the Punter (holder) and the long snapper. The place kicker lined up in a slot just to the left of the ball. When the ball was snapped the punter took the ball sprinted left and shoveled the ball to an uncovered place kicker for the touchdown.

This was a good football play design for Miami. However, there is an important lesson here for all special teams coaches out there. The very first thing you must do when installing your PAT/FG defense is to teach a system for counting eligibles.

For today’s All 22 Tuesday we have included a diagram from FirstDown PlayBook regarding this. We teach that if you count to three from the outside in you should be sound vs any fake. It’s a simple communication exercise that requires your players to recognize who is on the end of the line of scrimmage as well as who is off the ball.

We think that this is critical for any high school special teams coach because you are much more likely to see it than an NFL coach will. Take a look at the video above and also check out this diagram. It details one formation adjustment from FirstDown Playbook. Also know that there is plenty more help where this came from.

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