Pineville HS (Ky): All 22 Play of the Week

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 15, 2021

Let’s take a look at this play we found where Pineville High School located in Kentucky won a last second game against Cumberland Gap High School in Tennessee a week or so ago. Most of what you find on the internet for high school football falls into two categories. Honestly, we are not on board with either, so we are going to add third.

Typically you will find high school videos attempting to get a player recruited. That’s all good but that is not what we do. We are for coaches, by coaches so not our focus. Our focus is on what coaches do. FirstDown Playbook wants to help where we can. You coaches who use our playbook resource know that can be in a lot of ways.

One of the ways we help coaches is to stay up on what you do. That’s why we are going to start drawing up plays from the prep game, just like we do the college and pro. If you are reading this you picked our first post on this and it is a good one.

The other thing that you see is X&O related. However, it is often someone promoting themselves about how much football they know. Some of it good, but most of it not. Trust us when we say that we are going to only feature good football coaching.

Having said that, let’s look at this last second touchdown form a few weeks ago. Pineville heaved a Hail Mary of sorts to win the game on the last play. Here ar three things we like about this play.

Pineville Had a Unique Plan

Not all Hail Mary’s are born equal. Odds are your high school quarterback cannot drop straight back and heave it in the end zone from 30 yards out. The Pineville coaches had a plan to use their quarterback’s arm but they also had a plan to free up the target. The 3×1 formation did that.

The Plan Diverted Attention From The Real Target

When you line three receivers up into the field and then sprint to the field, everyone is thinking to cover that side. We don’t know the Pineville personnel. However, there is a good chance that the single receiver is one of their best receivers. They found a way to get him isolated on a one on one.

The 3 WR Side Had Good Options Too

Who knows, the Pineville coaches might tell you that the quarterback was supposed to read the rail they set up to the field. Maybe if the single receiver had gotten double coverage then the quarterback would have had three receivers all lined up along the sideline to make it interesting.

Here’s what we do know. The Pineville coaches and players had a plan. It is a plant that makes sense in many ways. It certainly made sense on this Friday night. Click on the play below to watch the Hudl Highlight or click here to watch a wider version of the play.

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