Pissed Or Not. Correct & Move On.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 25, 2019

Sundays in the fall for a football coach are complicated. First, let’s be honest about it. You are coming into the office to get ready for your next game either pissed or happy depending on what happened in your last game. Sometimes it’s not even the score of the game that dictates this.

There are times you think your team played pretty well but lost (not often) and other times where your team played poorly and won. Regardless of the score and the quality of your players’ performance there is one thing that is certain for a football coach on Sunday. You must correct and move on.

It is essential that you identify and fix what is broken while reinforcing and keeping what your team did well. Here’s why. The hard thing and the great thing about football is that there is another game and another opponent staring you right in the face in six days. ┬áIf you don’t transition quickly you and your team will suffer mightily in your next game.

The adjustments are not always emotional either. If you are an offensive coach you may have just played a vanilla four man front that attempted to bend but not break. The second week of the season could have you pitted against a 3-3-6 defense that pressures a lot. A good defensive coordinator knows that just because his defense shut down a spread offense in week one that will not help him one bit against that Wing T week two.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we experienced our share of fall Sundays (over 300 or so). We understand that anyway we can help you on this day and night of preparation is critical. Today’s short video address just that very thing.

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