Podcast Week #2 John Shoop Training QB Fundamentals
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 3, 2018

There are not many football coaches who have had the opportunity to coach quarterbacks at the high school level, the college level and at the professional level.

John Shoop is one such coach and USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and FirstDown PlayBook’s Charlie Coiner spent some time with John on The Game Plan for the week two podcast of the 2018 season. Shoop has coached for the quarterbacks for the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Bears, the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Oakland Raiders. His college stops include stints at Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Purdue. He is currently coaching the quarterbacks at Reynolds high school in Asheville, North Carolina.

In this podcast Coach Shoop breaks down what he feels are two things that a quarterback coach needs to teach when it comes to a quarterback’s upper body mechanics as well as his lower body mechanics. We also delve into how coaches can make their practices more effective when it comes to 7on7 as well the other portions of practice.

Finally, at the bottom of this page you will find Coach Shoop’s version of a pass concept that he has taught and would continue to teach regardless of what level of football he was coaching. FirstDown PlayBook has drawn up a version of Coach Shoop’s Razor concept for you and there are others on the FirstDown PlayBook website!


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