Position Coaches Want To Know What Their Players Know

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 9, 2020

As any coach gets closer to game day one of the most pressing things on their mind is “What do my players know about our game plan and maybe as importantly, what DON’T they know.

Now there are a lot of ways to get this done. It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned walk through for starters. However, don’t discard the fact that teammates will usually bail teammates ou in a walk through. It’s a crutch that should not be relied on because games are just different and yes, harder.

You can watch video with them but we are all coaches and love to hear ourselves talk so the player will usually have an out instead of answering any questions we pose for them.

From my 30 years of coaching I know it always made me feel better when I saw it on a test or in a full speed practice. The test was not very elaborate either. It was as simple as draw your assignment in on this particular play.

Obviously new plays or critical assignment plays were emphasized but the end game was the same. Put on paper what you know. That’s why FirstDown PlayBook has kept it that simple with our initial testing function in 2.0. This video will sho you just how simple but powerful this can be for a position coach.

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