Practice Cards Better Than Yours (2 Ways)

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 9, 2021

Practice cards are a part of coaching football. They are a very important part of coaching football. Odds are, we have drawn more practice cards than you. Old dudes are welcome to phone in and challenge us.

This blog is about how you can do practice cards better. The video below is going to point out how we provide you better technology than the NFL does when it comes to preparing practice cards. Trust us, we spent nearly a decade in the NFL drawing cards. We know.

Here’s the deal though. Sometimes you have to do more than just provide the best way. Sometimes you have to think “how many different ways can we do this better?”

All of us have different brains and different ways of thinking about things. Sometimes we can be working on the exact same project and need two different ways to get it done. FirstDown Playbook gets that.

When you build your practice cards do you look for plays to add to your playbook? Or do you open a playbook and find plays to add to it? It sounds like a silly question until you are drop dead tired on a Sunday night getting your cards ready for the week.

The answer, if you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach, is “yes”. That means a lot when your wife and kids want to see you before they go to bed. It also means a lot when you want to present professional practice cards the next morning. Let’s see how you can make that happen.

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