Professionals Draw FirstDown PlayBook. That Matters.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 26, 2019

If you ever see someone on the internet start to coach up a football play and they do not have that football play drawn up against a defense but instead they are drawing that play up vs no defense or running that play “vs air” turn and run or better yet turn off the computer.

You see it a lot, you know. The other thing you see is someone get on a blog, or social media post and just coach the heck out of that play vs one defense or coach that defense without ever mentioning the formation or motion adjustments. Special Teams? That usually scares them so much that they don’t even go there. Thankfully so.

You know why they do it that way? Because they do not know the adjustments and they do  not know how to block that play vs multiple defenses. They do not know very much about the game of football because they are not coaches.

You see when we say FirstDown PlayBook is “For Coaches. By Coaches.” we aren’t trying to be your buddy. We are trying to say that we coached for thirty years at a high level and we might know what the hell we are talking about.

We are also subtly trying to tell you that we see some of the others out there who have never coached a day in their life and who would lead you to believe otherwise. Be careful who you listen to and even more careful who you buy from out there. Just sayin…

Okay, got that off of our chest today. This video shows you one of many ways that FirstDown PlayBook stands out because of WHO does it.


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