Psst…Nick Chubb Is Good

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 15, 2021

Good players show up on game tape. Great players show up over and over again. We have several collaborators on our All 22 Tuesday feature where we pick out some of the best plays from each NFL weekend.

It is interesting when you start to see the same player show up time and time again. Earlier in the year it was Kyler Murray. The dude just kept showing up. Sometimes it was what he did and other times it was how defenses had found a way to stop him.

Here is another thing about good players, particularly in the NFL. They show up late in the season. Particularly when late means playoff season. Nick Chubb is one of those guys.

The offensive minds in Cleveland are feeding this dude lately and rightfully so. Kevin Stefanski and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt are two of the brightest minds in the league. You can bet they will make Kansas City stop this dude before they go to plan B.

Look at these two plays and watch the video below. The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman helps us break down one of the special talents in the NFL. You will see that when Nick Chubb moves this weekend so will a lot of Kansas City defenders!

The play diagram below is of a play where Chubb had already took it to the house against the Steelers the week before. Our point here is that the Steelers are good football team with good coaches.

You can guarantee that they went into the second game saying we must shut down number 24. It did not happen. So as we prepare for this week’s game between the Browns and Kansas City we all know that the task for Cleveland is a steep one. However, if “The Browns is the Browns” means that Nick Chubb runs wild then hang on. If Chubb gets going this special year for the Cleveland Browns might not be over just yet.

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