Punt Coverage Lane Replace Technique

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 30, 2020

As we begin the 2020 football season at different stages across the country, the inevitable special teams snafus will begin to show up. We have mentioned this here before. There will be gaps in our teaching due to limited time with the players this season. Lane replace technique will surely be among the problems.

The special teams phase of the game is always vulnerable early in the season. This year that vulnerability will be even more on full display. Today we want to take a look at an important coverage technique to teach your punt and kickoff coverage teams.

What’s Your GamePlan For 4th Down? Have One?

The short video below will take you through the punt coverage version of this. Lane replace technique is an often misunderstood as young special teams coaches work to spread the field with their coverage teams. Always remember that you are covering the player with the ball and not the field.

Blocked Punt? It Might Be Your Punter…

What we like to emphasize is that after you protect the punt first then you think in this order. Fan the field first to make sure you are not getting your players bottled up inside. After 10-15 yards now find the football. At this point you want to start filling the coverage lanes inside out. You want to make the returner run sideways as the rest of the coverage is getting there. Lets take a look.