Punt Return Clinic Tonight 9:00 ET

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 8, 2020

Tonight at 9:00 ET FirstDown PlayBook will continue our special teams clinics as we look at the punt return phase. This will be the fourth of our six part webinar series.

The focus will be the same as it has been for the first three webinars. We will concentrate mainly on technique and how to incorporate it into your scheme.

We encourage coaches to check into the webinar early even if you have pre-registered. Zoom only allows entrance to the first 100 to show. We will open the webinar up at 15 minutes before 9:00 ET.

If you have missed any of the previous special teams clinics they can be found on the FirstDown PlayBook website. Just go to the Special Teams section and then to the “Specials” area. You will eventually find all six clinics there.

Punt Return Clinic Outline

  • System Count
  • Sound Base
    • Coverage & Fakes
    • Force
    • Personnel Accounting
    • Return Structure
    • Block Structure
  • Pre-Snap Stance & Alignment
  • Hold Up
    • Shock & Mirror
    • High Early
    • Hip Placement
    • Stab & Finish
    • Lag & Finish
    • Finish
      • Frontal
      • Arm Bar
      • Rip By
    • Block Technique
    • Video

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