Ravens Communicate & Go!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 19, 2019

If you were to do a study of most high school defenses, college defenses and NFL defenses here’s what you would find. The higher the level of football, the better the defenses communicate on the field.

Why? It is imperative that a defense over communicate in order to be good. Today’s offenses offer so many challenges in the form of tight end trades, shifts and motions. After the ball is snapped, it only gets tougher as many offenses are incorporating jet sweeps, arounds, quarterback reads and of course RPO’s.

To communicate is one thing, to do it with authority is another. In the heat of the moment, a slight hesitation can cost you dearly. This is what stood out about this Baltimore Ravens fourth down stop against the Jets Sunday night.

When you watch the video below notice how the the Ravens have edge pressure called up from the boundary. The edge rusher and the inside linebacker have have the running back based on his release.

If the back releases inside the inside linebacker would have him and the edge pressure stays on. If the back releases outside like he did then the edge rusher #29 now covers him and the inside linebacker can rush the quarterback.

What we want you to see in this video is just how quickly the two players identify what is happening and then pull the trigger. The inside linebacker #57 explodes to the quarterback and forces him to throw the ball with someone in his face. There is good coverage pretty much everywhere else in the end zone.

So as you are teaching your defense to communicate make sure you take the time to teach them trust what they see. When they recognize something it is important that they do not hesitate. The best way to get that done is communications and reps, plenty of reps.

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