Red Zone Sprint 78

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 12, 2019

We know that there are football fields full of 7on7 practices, tournaments and competitions this time of year. We hope that as you work on your drop back passing game you incorporate some of your other passing attack too as you go through the summer.

It can be hard to be disciplined enough to run some play-action, boots and nakeds and sprint outs in 7on7 but we think it’s worth it.

Today we are drawing up this red zone sprint 78 for you as an idea you might want to incorporate as you get into the thick of team 7on7 competition. We have provided our coaching points, but of course you know that we do this for all 35,000 plays in FirstDown PlayBook!

FORMATION: Cluster(Gun)(Pistol) PLAY: Sprint Right/Left 78

DROP:Throw Off Of The Third Or Fifth Step Of The Sprint Action.

SUGGESTED READ: Flat Route To Out Route To Run


F: Out Route

-Best release to a vertical stem. Sell vertical threat.

-Allow The Z To Beat You Down The Field. -Gain outside leverage by 10 Yards and break to the sideline.

-Stay flat or work back to the QB. -Expect The Ball Low & Outside. -If the QB gives A “Go” call turn And block first Defender You See.

X: Flat Route

-Outside release Behind Z And X.

-Expand to flat with speed At 2 Yards Depth.

-Look over outside shoulder on third step.

-At 3 yards from the sideline turn outside & give numbers to QB & sit.

-If the QB gives A “Go” call turn And block first Defender You See.

Z: Post Route

-Best Release To Vertical. Clear The F Quickly.

-Get vertical in a hurry and take the top off of the defense.

-Break towards The Near Goalpost At 10 Yards.

-If the QB gives A “Go” call Turn And block first Defender You See.

H: Protect Front Side.

Y: Protect Back Side

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