Rodgers Pick 6? Not Often But It Happens.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2020

Every Tuesday FirstDown PlayBook meets with Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski and The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman to bring you four of the best football plays from that weekend. All with our partner FNF Coaches we are glad to bring you entertaining and relevant football plays that can help you as you coach your football team.

Offensive coordinators, quarterback and receiver coaches love to talk about getting to the sticks on third down. No receiver likes the wrath that they get when they catch the ball for an eight yard gain on third and nine.

The problem with this is that the defensive coaches and players know this too! Experienced defensive backs can take their technique and situation awareness and use it against a quarterback.

This seems to us what is happening on this All 22 Tuesday football play from this past Sunday. Aaron Rodgers can make a case as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football. However, he wishes he had this throw back.

How did it happen? Was it a version of quarters coverage behind fire zone pressure? Could the receiver have taken it one more rotation and then worked back to the sticks? We will let you decide as you watch this critical play that swung the momentum back to Tampa Bay this past Sunday.

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