Rule #1: You Never Lose Your PlayBooks

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 11, 2020

The question keeps popping up and it is coming from all areas of football coaches. “Does FirstDown PlayBook allow you to keep your playbooks if I change accounts or if I let my account go inactive?”

The short, but all inclusive, answer is “yes”. If you have a FirstDown PlayBook membership and you let it go inactive for awhile then that is no problem at all. When you decide to come back to use FirstDown PlayBook again, all of your work will be there waiting for you.

If you are a coach who gets another job and you need to change your email address then we have an answer for that too. Your plays and playbooks can be transferred over immediately.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we understand that rule number one when it comes to football coaches and their playbook work is, never let that work get lost. No ball coach ever likes it when they have to do the same drawings over because the first ones got lost.

We know these things because we are football coaches too. Watch this short video to see how we protect you from this.

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