Run Support Corners Are A Rare Breed

By Will Cinelli on Apr 23, 2020

By Will Cinelli, The Scouting Academy

Each Thursday here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website we will feature a breakdown of personnel and technique. This is provided by our friends over at The Scouting Academy who are our go to experts in this field!

We all know the frustration of having perimeter defenders that will not engage in run support and/or open field tackling. When you have one that you can trust, it helps you sleep better and night and gives you more options on the backend.

This clip is a great example of a CB staying engaged vs an underneath route, showing explosive transition downhill quickly flipping his hips and accelerating towards the WR.

From there, he shows great form as a tackler, keeping his head up, with good body angles. He is landing his shoulder into the midsection of a larger WR, with enough power on contact to disrupt the catch point and creating an incompletion.

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