Rush The Flag Football QB’s Arm

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 7, 2021

Everyone assigns a defender to rush the quarterback in flag football. Unless the quarterback is on crutches, they can hurt you by running the ball and also by having all day to find an open receiver.

What do you tell your rusher? “Go get the quarterback” is not coaching. This goes for you too youth flag football coaches. Sometimes the simplest of things can make a huge difference. Here is what we mean.

The odds of your defender actually pulling the flag of the quarterback is low. Guess who is probably the best player on their team. You got it. That quarterback is probably going to win an athletic one on one battle anyway, so here’s what we suggest.

Take away the throwing arm of the quarterback. Get your rusher to the quarterback’s throwing arm. You will find that you will all of a sudden have a defender right in the quarterback’s vision as opposed to chasing them.

If you think this is some sophisticated strategy that doesn’t affect you as a youth flag football coach, think again. It may be more important to you than anyone. See what we mean here.

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