Saints 2 Man Coverage Strikes Again Vs Brady

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 1, 2021

Look man. If you have a quarterback who has limited running ability or one who you value and don’t want to run…expect 2 man coverage from Dennis Allen and the Saints late in the game when it matters. Don’t expect a scared version of it though. The safeties are not going to be watching from 25 yards deep.

Tom Brady found out the hard way last night on the defining play of the game. It’s not the first time we have seen this. The Saints’ defense got after another hall of fame quarterback early this season too. They made life miserable for Aaron Rodgers in the first game of the year with this same coverage.

The situation in yesterday’s game was this:

Time: 1:36 remaining in the game.

2nd & 10 & the Bucs are on their own 25 yard line.

The score is the Saints 29 to 27 over Tampa Bay.

To listen to the announcers of the game you would think that the Saints had lost the game because they dared to allow Brady back on the field. There is some merit to thinking like this, but lets not forget that the Saints have good players too. They did not play scared and that showed up right here.

Saints Use 2 Man Coverage To Seal Another Upset

The irony of this play is that the Saints played the same 2 man coverage on the play before. They almost picked Brady on that play. The difference was that the 2 high safety, #26 PJ Williams was deeper and actually broke poorly on a vertical route down the sideline. Maybe this is what ended up getting Brady on this play. The next play Williams was locked in on Brady’s eyes.

Williams played Brady’s eyes and throw perfectly here. There was no stay deep and break up on the ball after it was caught. He broke on the over route and stepped in front of the receiver. The game was essentially over as son as Brady let it go. Williams took it in for the score and that was it.

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Now before we get too gregarious about letting Tom Brady back on the field, allow us to make this note. Williams probably should have gotten down so Brady could never make it back on the field to ruin the night for the Saints. Just sayin… Okay, let’s take a look at this huge play to decide this game. Tap on the play drawing to watch the video.