Saturday Quarters Beater

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 23, 2022
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Let’s take a look at this quarters beater today that you might just see in your 7on7 tournament this spring. Now we know you defensive guys are not playing a lot of quarters with your 7on7 defenses. Who could blame you. You are playing mostly 2 deep because that missing pass rush in 7on7 is always a factor.

You still might see this one though because there are several options based on the coverage that is played. If you are seeing quarters you want to read this Y-Z-X. The key coaching point is to have your Y run their route with great body language and eyes. You want to coach this player to bait that safety into covering the in route. This read will need a 5 step drop and a hitch or even a rhythm 7 step drop.

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Quarters Beaters & Much More Here

What we like about this concept the most is that there are several other answers if you choose to read it differently. There is a natural shallow cross mesh read with the X to Y to H. This is why you will notice on the drawing we have coached the Y to not sit in the first window.

If the Y does that he will give a muddied triangle read. Your Y wants to come back into the hole on the other side of the Mike LB vs zone. They will stay on the move vs man.

Give Your QB & X Receiver A Little Leash On Your Spacing Concept

Finally, another way to read this is F to Y to H. If you like the matchup with your F in man coverage then this is a good way to expose it. Once again you have the Y and the H coming back to that same direction for the second and third read. One thing to keep in mind is that this is 6 man protection and you could lose your back if the defense brings 6 man pressure. Once again, not an issue in 7on7!

So as you line up this spring keep this little quarters beater in your game plan even though you won’t see that coverage a lot. It’s a good way to keep your quarterbacks going through progressions that they will heave in the fall.

Quarters Beaters & Much More Here