Seahawks’ Carlos Hyde Makes Something Out of Nothing

By Will Cinelli on Jan 8, 2021

There are some plays that are doomed from the start. In the run game, you’re just hoping that your ball carrier can get back to the line of scrimmage so your offense can avoid being behind the sticks.

On this particular snap, when the Seahawks’ Carlos Hyde takes the handoff, that’s probably what the Seattle coaching staff was thinking. We see penetration and offensive line falling off their blocks. But what’s critical here is that Hyde doesn’t panic, and relies on the same traits he’s always used as a running back to create something out of nothing.

He starts with vision. Immediately, Hyde recognizes that he won’t be able to press this run frontside, so he starts working toward the backside, away from the most severe penetration. He’s able to just avoid the free runners and escape out the backdoor. He puts his eyes on the backside corner.

The defensive back can’t let Hyde get outside. He uses this to his advantage by pressing at the DB until he expands a touch too far, opening up a crease for Hyde to get vertical. Now, as the RB puts his foot in the ground, he does a nice job staying tight to his blockers, giving that DB a small target.

The corner dives at Hyde, but can’t do much more than lay a finger on him. Hyde’s far too powerful to let that impact him and runs through that arm tackle on the way to the endzone for a long TD.

Credit Hyde here with a tremendous effort to turn a negative play into a huge positive for his team. 

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