Season Pushed To Spring? You’re Eligible For Two Free Weeks.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 25, 2020

There are a lot of different schedules out there right now when it comes to the 2020-2021 football season. FirstDown PlayBook has done our darnedest to keep up with it because after all we are a global football playbook provider.

We wanted to take a moment today to remind any of you high school or college coaches who have had your football season pushed to the spring about this. You are eligible for a two week free trial on FirstDown PlayBook.

We have a free Demo website out there as well where anyone can go to take a look at FirstDown PlayBook. This free two week trial is a more detailed look for you coaches who do this as a job every day of the week.

What is it? It is two free weeks on FirstDown PlayBook with total access and no obligation at the end. All we ask you to do is to tap on the picture below, then watch the video.

At the end of the Youtube video there will be a promo-code. Tap on the url in the text part of the video and send us back that promo-code. That’s it. You will be on a free trial within 12 hours of doing that.

Once again, this two week free offer is for you high school or college coaches who have had your season pushed back to the spring. Note: If you are playing this fall then you are still eligible for a one week free trial and that’s not all bad either!

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