Seattle Walk Off Sack Well Designed

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 27, 2020

The fact that Kyler Murray keeps showing up here on the FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday football plays says something. This dude is always involved in something explosive.

Two weeks ago we showed you a play where a poor defender had the assignment of tackling him one on one. It didn’t happen. Of course last week it was the Hail Mary touchdown against the Bills.

This week it is really a combination of both threats that Murray brings to the table on the 4th and 10 last play situation. The Seahawks know they not only have to defend the sticks or Murray will throw a ten yard curl for a first down.

They also know that if everyone is covered then Murray is going to start running. Seattle understands that this can be a real problem too. The Seahawks do an excellent job here of dropping eight defenders. They essentially take away the sticks and are still in position to contain Murray if he runs.

We don’t want to take anything away from Carlos Dunlap. He flat whips the Cardinals’ right tackle for a sack. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this defensive scheme was well designed and executed on this game ending walk off sack!

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